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 Our nest is in a book desert on the lower east side of Detroit, where children have limited access to books.


We are approaching this problem from a unique and innovative perspective.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Children’s books are full of words and imagery —  they create worlds and unlock wonder.

Nesting Birds Publishing, Nesting Birds Education, and Birdie's Bookmobile are cultivating a community of readers and growing storytellers.  Why storytellers? Storytelling is powerful.

Storytellers are creators, visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs.  Storytellers are innovators and problem-solvers. Storytellers are changemakers.

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Hi, I'm Alyce Hartman!

I am a passionate urban educator, author, and curriculum writer with a literacy background and 11 years of experience teaching in the public school system, leading youth-based programs for non-profit organizations and working in social service settings for community development companies. 

Data suggest that children with access to books have better literacy outcomes. I launched Nesting Birds Publishing, Nesting Birds Education, and Birdie's Bookmobile to help boost performance through book access and evidence-based instruction, like storytelling, and to improve oral language, reading comprehension, and writing. 


Whether you are a school, literacy partner, community organization, or parent, together, we will raise readers

and unleash storytellers — we are transforming lives!

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