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About Our Bookmobile

Detroit is a book desert where children and families have limited access to libraries and booksellers.


Birdie's Bookmobile is helping by making multicultural children's literature more accessible to our neighbors.

We currently serve communities in the 48207, 48214, 48215, and 48216 zip codes and have plans to enlarge our footprint. 


"In Wayne County, only 19% of households have 100 or more books. 100 books is the threshold for being considered a print-rich environment."(UWSEM).

Birdie's Bookmobile is a lending library, working to eliminate book deserts and literacy inequities in our communities. We are also building print-rich environments at home by providing children with books they can keep.

We partner with community organizations to help get books into the hands and homes of children and families through our bookmobile and book boxes. 

Nesting Birds Publishing is raising readers and unleashing storytellers — the next generation of changemakers. 

Learn more about the bookmobile. Download the PDF.

Support Birdie's Bookmobile 

We accept in-kind gifts and charitable donations through our Birdie's Bucks and Books for Birdie giving programs.


Learn more about the variety of ways to support Birdie's Bookmobile and help us eliminate book deserts in low-income communities. 

Storytime Book Boxes

Purchase or Donate a Book Box 

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